TrackTown12 Sustainability Report


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TrackTown12 is Sustainable.  Our DNA is built on environmental innovation, development of our local economy, and supporting our community.  We earned the International Olympic Committee’s first ever award for Sport and the Environment in 2008.  Our history is set, we mean businesses and the Road to London will be paved with green and gold.



This webpage provides an overview of the policies, action items, and links to various partners working to make TrackTown12 the most sustainable event in North America in 2012. We are focusing our efforts on six key areas:


  1. Provide a Zero Waste event and support sustainability through purchases.  We are going for the gold in event recycling and composting with a target of 75% waste diversion.  TT12 has partnered with Sanipac, the City of Eugene’s Love Food Not Waste program, and Northwest Youth Corps to develop an integrated waste management program.  Led by M-Culinary, festival food vendors will be using 100% compostable serviceware, there will be multiple Zero Waste stations around the event where fans and athletes can compost and recycle materials, and a team of Northwest Youth Corps members, TT12 volunteers and Sanipac staff will be ensure a smooth flow of materials to centralized receiving station for composting and recycling.  In regards to event purchases, TT12 adopted and implemented a Sustainable Procurement Policy and will be tracking the sustainable aspects for the top 10 purchases for the event.


  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy and transportation.  The event will be reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of athletes, fans, and the planet.  All power at Hayward Field and surrounding festival will be 100% EWEB GreenPower, certified renewable energy.  In 2008, the University of Oregon upgraded their power infrastructure to provide adequate services where media and festival users needed it-resulting in a significant reduction in the use of diesel generators.  Safeway will once again be providing human powered generation to support the Festival area, this year with human sized hamster wheels!   All ticketholders, athletes, officials, staff, and volunteers can get free bus rides to and from the event through Starline Luxury Coaches and Lane Transit District (LTD).  LTD will also be running increased frequency for EMX during the peak travel times around the games, further reducing the need for vehicle trips.  All event management vehicles on-site are electric battery vehicles, no combustion is allowed within the Superblock.   The team at Center for Appropriate Transportation will be providing their popular bike and skateboard corral, free for up to 575 attendees.  Event partner, BP, will be calculating the carbon footprint of event transportation and providing certified offsets through their Target Neutral program in support of their goal for the London Games of offsetting 1 million trips. 


  1. Local Foods and Housing. TrackTown12 is where Northwest Local and Track meet.  The event will be supported by 4 Eugene food vendors, the University of Oregon Catering, Deschutes Brewing, and one of the leading sustainability event food caterers, M-Culinary.  In addition to utilizing compostable service-ware, each of the vendors will be providing at least one locally sourced menu item.  Also, to help promote a healthy lifestyle, all vendors will provide nutritional information on menu items.   Lastly, as an event sponsor, Safeway will be providing their Open Nature product line for athletes, officials, and volunteers.     

    Housing the estimated 20,000 athletes and fans is no easy task, but has the opportunity to transition local lodging efforts to be more sustainable.  To manage this, the Local Organizing Committee hired National Travel Systems (NTS) to manage the reservation activities for fans, officials and athletes.  NTS is coordinating over 50% of all rooms available in the Eugene-Springfield Area.  To help set the community baseline, they will measure the number of rooms that are ADA accessible and are providing in-room recycling containers. 


  1. Increasing access and supporting social equity for all.  A key TrackTown ideal is that of equality and the belief in another’s ability.  To support this ideal, TT12 will provide a disability exhibition event in conjunction with the Olympic Trials.  A team is ensuring the provision of accessible transportation, parking and seating options for the event.  All staff and volunteers will receive support training to be prepared to serve all attendees no matter their needs.  And to make sure that we are successful in our efforts, the event organization will be monitoring and reporting on requests for accommodation, support, communication in non-traditional formats, and any issues or concerns.  

  2. TrackTown believes in opportunity, no matter what your economic circumstances are.  We are providing a Ticket Donation Program, which provides 40 tickets per day for disadvantaged youth and families.  The Program is open to all, so if you have tickets that are not being used, please consider donating them!   


  1. Support the local community and economy.  Eugene is TrackTown.  This is most notably represented through our long-term commitment to supporting physical activity in our local youth.  The Community Programs associated with TrackTown12 are inspiring, training, and educating the next generation of Olympians.   Through City of Eugene recreation programs, area youth will participate in a variety of Track and Field events throughout the spring up to the event.  Come event time, a $100,000 donation from Nike will support three programs, The Starting Block, a Youth Leadership Camp, and the ever popular All Comers Meets.  As TrackTown, we believe in the economy of sport and this is evident through the estimated $30 million dollar local economic impact of the Olympic Trails to the Eugene/Springfield Area. 


  1. Leave a legacy.  TrackTown12 is partnering with the Council for Responsible Sport (CRS) to develop and pilot the first-ever multi-day certification process for sporting events.   We plan to provide a final sustainability report and certification results at the end of the event.  To extend the TrackTown sustainability legacy to our future generations, we are working on developing a Sustainable Event Community Capacity Toolkit, in cooperation with U.S. Olympic Committee, the U.S. EPA, and Lane County Sports Commission.