Host a training camp

Host a training camp

Of the 216 federations who will travel to Oregon to compete in the World Championships, many will travel to the U.S. a few weeks prior to allow athletes to adjust to the climate and time zone. Therefore, many federations will seek locations for their athletes and delegation to stay during this pre-event period of time. TrackTown USA will communicate with  federations around the world that they should consider communities in Oregon, though some may elect to stay in our neighboring states.

TrackTown USA looks forward to working with communities to take full advantage of this exciting opportunity. Let’s showcase Oregon to the rest of the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the World Track & Field Championships?

A: In conjunction with USA Track & Field, TrackTown USA, Inc., a non-profit located in Eugene, successfully bid to host, for the first time ever in the United States, the world’s second-biggest track and field competition – the Olympics being the largest – in 2021.

The event lasts for ten days and will be held primarily in Eugene, but there may be opportunities to leverage a couple of events in other venues in the Willamette Valley. With this high-profile sporting event comes the opportunity to highlight Oregon on the world’s stage, inspiring a vast international audience to market our fantastic state and think about Oregon as a vacation destination.

While the sport is growing in popularity within the U.S., track and field events are wildly popular internationally. This means millions of people around the world will watch the event unfold and will subsequently learn about Oregon.

Q: How many teams are expected to compete in the World Championships?

A: We can expect approximately 200 teams (called international federations) to travel to Oregon to compete in the 2021 IAAF World Track & Field Championships.

Teams may bring delegations comprised of just a few athletes, staff and other officials, while other teams, such as the United States, may bring more than 100 individuals to participate in the competition.

Q: How many people will that bring to Oregon for this event?

A: There will be 2,000 athletes competing with approximately the same number of team officials expected to attend the championships. In addition to the federations, there will be approximately 3,000 accredited members of the media in attendance. We expect several thousand spectators, family and government officials in support of their countries.

Q: When will federations arrive in Oregon? Will they travel straight to Eugene for the competition?

A: Athletes are prohibited from practicing at the official event sites in the weeks leading up to the competition. Many teams will travel to the U.S. a few weeks prior to the championships to allow athletes to adjust to the climate and time zone. Therefore, many federations will seek locations for their athletes and delegation to stay during this pre-event period of time. TrackTown USA will communicate with  federations around the world that they should consider communities in Oregon, though some may elect to stay in our neighboring states.

What are the opportunities and criteria for communities to host a team that arrives early to train before the actual event?

A: Generally, the federations are seeking a location that provides appropriate amenities for their athletes to train, eat and sleep with ease and convenience.

Federations range in size. Larger delegations consisting of athletes competing in a broad range of events will look for a location with a broad array of track and field amenities while a smaller delegation with more limited event participation will have fewer training facility needs.

Q: How will the federations from around the world know to consider my community?

A: Before the end of 2017 there will be a formal application process for communities interested in hosting a federation for pre-championship activities. The 2021 bid was awarded to TrackTown USA by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF); one requirement for the hosting entity is to screen potential locations for preparedness.

Locations that are approved as being appropriately outfitted and prepared will be listed on the event website where federations will look to find information. A link to the list will be sent to each participating federation and will be included in pre-event communication from TrackTown USA.

Q: Can TrackTown USA and/or Travel Oregon decide what teams are located in what communities?

A: No.

TrackTown USA will market options in Oregon as much as possible, but the federations will engage directly with pre-approved communities. All contracts and agreements will be made between the delegations and local communities.

Q: When do the teams (federations) begin looking for a training site?

A: We expect major federations to begin vetting the pre-approved list of sites 18–24 months prior to the event, which means as early as the summer of 2019. Teams with more flexibility and fewer requirements may work to secure a site anywhere between 6–12 months in advance of arriving in Oregon.

Q: What requirements do federations have for facilities, etc. to be available for a training camp?

A:  Federation needs are highly individualized. There isn’t a perfect model that will work for every team; each team will have specific needs and will make selections accordingly.

As an example, the following table is a preliminary list of needs federations might have for the actual practice facilities. (This is not an exhaustive list and it does not address lodging, dining, and other potential needs.) In this example, teams in column A are likely to have specific, detailed requirements while teams in columns B and C have more flexibility.

Tentative Facility Requirements A B C
400m, 8 lane Surfaced Track x x x
Long Jump Runway w/ sand pit x x
High jump apron, standards, mat x
Pole Vault box, standards, mat x
Hurdles (20+) x x x
Starting Blocks (8+) x x x
Shot put ring x
Discus Ring x
Long Throws Field x
Weight Room x x
Training Room x
Access to water and ice x x x
Access to local Gym x x x
Access to Local Pool x x x
Access to running trails & routes x x

Q: Is there financial assistance available to upgrade local facilities?

A: Not at this time. Some federations may be willing to fund small improvements but communities should be prepared to apply based on current community assets and not rely upon any additional public or private financial support.

What if my community doesn’t have track and field facilities? Are there other opportunities to host visitors? What about attracting visitors before and after the competitions?

A: There will be ample opportunities to highlight what Oregon has to offer.

As an example, we expect international tour companies to scout opportunities for visitors both in close proximity to the event and in the region.

The state as a whole will certainly be showcased, as evidenced by the strategies and outcomes of various marketing efforts by Travel Oregon, as directed by the Oregon Tourism Commission.

There is expected to be cooperative advertising and marketing opportunities and other avenues developed in the coming years with Travel Oregon and Regional Destination Management Organizations. To receive Travel Oregon industry updates, please sign up for the eNewsletter at:

Q: Can we be guaranteed that, if prepared, we will host a team?

A: The short answer: no.

There is some risk involved for communities. Because selection of training sites is entirely up to the individual federations who are seeking training locations, we cannot guarantee that your community will be chosen. A community’s ability to pull together an attractive package, create a structured local organizing committee (LOC) that can market itself to the federations will be crucial elements to help attract a team.

Because we cannot guarantee a federation will choose any particular community, TrackTown USA will work to minimize the initial time and energy local leaders need to invest while exploring hosting possibilities through the application process.

Q: My community is interested in exploring the possibility of applying to participate. What do we do next?

A: Successful applicants must be able to demonstrate broad community resources as well as local engagement and support.

In anticipation of the upcoming application process, communities interested in getting a head start can begin by conducting an inventory of their assets.

Think of a training camp as being somewhat like a summer camp: campers, athletes, coaches, trainers, etc. will want to practice in a place with amenities in close proximity. With this in mind, what infrastructure does your community have to offer?

  • What track and field facilities are available?
  • How many rooms (hotels and dorms, as examples) could be available?
  • What dining options are nearby?
  • What transportation is available?
  • What other activities might be of interest (entertainment, touring the area, etc.)?

Q: When will the application process begin and who should I contact to make sure we receive additional information as it becomes available?

A: The application process will begin sometime in 2017.

As TrackTown USA has more information about the process and timelines it will be shared broadly with our state and local partners and made available on our website –

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