TrackTown Fitness Weekly Recaps

WEEK 5 – FEBRUARY 12, 2017

In week 5, we continued to increase the distance of each fast portion of our run/walk fitness program. After alternating fast and slow 100 meters for the first three weeks, followed by 200m faster with 100m slower in the fourth week, we increased to 300m faster with 100m slower. This progression will continue for two more weeks before we begin a six-week period of specific interval and tempo training. 

In week 5, we also introduced some fundamental core strengthening exercises that you can see demonstrated in the video below. These exercises will help reinforce good posture while running or walking and should be done 3-5 days each week, starting with just 5-10 repetitions (15-20 seconds on the planks) and progressing up to three sets of 10 reps of each exercise (30 seconds on the planks) over the course of the next 10 weeks.

WEEK 4 – february 5, 2017

In week four, we transitioned from a focus on consistency to the beginning of a four-week progression. The exercise time remained at approximately 45 minutes, but we moved from alternating pace every 100m to maintaining the faster pace for 200m – 200m fast, 100m slow. This progression will continue through February and will lead us into a six-week period of specific interval and tempo training.

The rate of progression for any individual may differ from what we prescribe each week. In fact, some individuals may choose to simply maintain consistent exercise without any progression at all and we fully support that. The goal of TrackTown Fitness is to contribute to the health of our community; we encourage new participants to join at any time and all participants to make decisions about their training and exercise program based on individual goals and current fitness. 

TrackTown Fitness Rewards 

TrackTown Fitness Rewards is a new program that rewards your consistent participation at TrackTown Fitness. Participants earn their first reward after participating four times. Nearly 50 people had perfect attendance through the first four weeks, earning themselves 25% off entry to the Eugene Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K.

It’s not too late to start earning rewards; there are still 12 weeks left in the TrackTown Fitness season, so set a goal today and start earning your rewards!

4 WEEKS – 25% off entry to the Eugene Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K 

8 WEEKS – TrackTown Fitness t-shirt

12 WEEKS – 50% off entry to the Eugene Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K

16 WEEKS – 2-day ticket package for two to the 2017 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Hayward Field

WEEK 3 – JANUARY 29, 2017

In week three we finished our introductory phase by demonstrating some fundamental form and mechanical concepts that can help anyone make small adjustments to their form in order to stay healthy and consistent.

The video below is a quick review of the three primary concepts we discussed, along with cues to help with each.

This Sunday will be the first week of a four-week buildup in which we will increase the distance of each faster portion. For the first three weeks we alternated 100m faster with 100m slower; this week we’ll progress that to 200m faster with 100m slower and we’ll continue that progression over the next four weeks.

Even through there is a progression to TrackTown Fitness, it’s never too late to join! Newcomers are welcome at any point in the program and we’ll make sure no one is left behind. 

WEEK 2 – JANUARY 22, 2017

In week two, we continued our introductory phase by demonstrating warmup movements that can be used before and after every run or walk to increase balance, mobility and muscle health. These movements are one part of your “tool box” for consistent, healthy exercise.

The video below reviews the movements that were demonstrated last Sunday. We will use these movements each week before beginning to run or walk, so make sure you’re familiar with them! 

Remember, to build consistency set a goal of running or walking at least three times a week. This Sunday will be our final introductory week before we begin to increase the distance of the fast portions of the run/walk, so don’t forget to invite your friends, family and colleagues to join in the fun!

Week 1 – January 15, 2017

In week one, we told you that TrackTown Fitness values consistency above all else because consistency is progress. The question of what contributes to long-term consistency is what the TrackTown Fitness program is designed to address. 

Over the next 15 weeks, we will explore topics and strategies that comprise your individual “tool box” for consistent, healthy exercise. We’ll cover the mechanics of running and walking, strength and core stability training, interval and heart rate training and much more.

This isn’t about running seven days a week, or trying to do more miles than your friends. It’s about making informed decisions each day on what to do and what not to do in order to allow your body to handle the stress of exercise and to keep your mind excited and engaged.

For now, your focus should be on getting out the door for some form of exercise at least three times a week. There’s no run or walk that’s too short, but it is possible to go too far or too fast which could lead to injury which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid!

This Sunday, we’ll show you a variety of warm-up movements that will help improve your overall mobility, balance and muscle health on the road to becoming more consistent runners and walkers.


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