TrackTown uSA Volunteering

To those of you that have volunteered with us in the past, thank you so much for your dedication to the athletes that you have helped to succeed and become US Indoor Champions, NCAA Champions, World Champions, and Team USA Olympic Athletes. We value volunteers as the key to our hosting success and this continued progress for athleticism.  Your enthusiasm, smiles, and welcoming attitude every day you show up to volunteer will be instrumental in creating an environment that will enable the athletes to perform at their absolute best.

We will be accepting volunteers for the 2018 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships soon. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 541-343-6129 or email us at [email protected]. Remember that you can always Sign Up for our Newsletter.

We look forward to having you as a part of the TrackTown Volunteer Team!

Functional Area Descriptions

Award Ceremonies

Notify individuals of their award and organize the process of athletes to receive their honor. This role is by invitation only and highly professional, any lack of professionalism will result in removal.

Athlete's Hospitality

Provide support, information and hospitality to athletes, coaches and team personnel. Volunteers must be knowledgeable about track & field.

Athlete Escorting

Direct and supervise the athlete movement as well as maintain a professional and safe environment for all athletes and spectators as competitors enter and exit the track.

Basket Crew

Respectfully escort athletes to their event and carry their gear to their finish. This role is highly professional and any deviation will result in immediate removal.

Anti-Doping Escorts

Assist United States Anti-Doping Agency in escorting athletes to medical testing area. To join this team, a volunteer must be extremely professional, take direction well, and be at least 18 years old.

Athlete Arrivals & Departures- Eugene Airport

Help welcome athletes upon arrival to airports. These volunteers must be friendly and welcoming as they will be the first people that the athletes will see.


Help provide credentials, apparel and support to athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and other workforce personnel. Many of these shifts will take place prior to the competition days.

Media Services

Run results & publications between tribune and media work tent.

TrackTown Productions

Assist in providing the broadcast for the TrackTown production team. This role relies on consistency and a minimum of 4 or more shifts.

Packet Pick Up

Help create, distribute, and streamline athlete packet pick-up for registration materials as well as provide information regarding the competition to the best of your ability.


Non-Competition Marshal

Provide a safe and secure environment for competitors as they warm up on the track. Ensuring proper movement as well as awareness of surroundings as athletes are entering and exiting the track & field.

Hurdle and Starting Blocks

Help be in charge of placing the hurdle, starting blocks, and steeplechase implements for athletes. This is a very active job and strictly vetted by implement officials.

Venue/Implement Creation and Demolition

Formerly listed as “Lance’s Team”, this elite group helps to set up and create the field of play before, during, and after the event under the supervision and direction of Lance Deal.

Venue Presentation and Spectator Set-Up

Under the direction of Lindsay Marcum, this group is in charge of creating and setting up the venue with signs, marketing elements, and decoration for the event. These roles are prior and following the event competition days.

TrackTown Youth Engagement

This role is to engage fans and spectators of all ages within the Replica East Grand Stand with facts on track and field, prizes, and giveaways during competition!

TrackTown Youth League

Help with a youth track meet through registration, being on the track of Historic Hayward Field, through assisting and directing of the next generation of track and field athletes!



Volunteer Support Team

This diverse group may include volunteer hospitality or being part of the volunteer pool. In either case, you will help check in volunteers each day, provide information to them, and fill in at any other volunteer areas that may need assistance.


Volunteer Hospitality

Help direct other volunteers as well as check in other individuals for their jobs while maintaining a positive and wells tock resting environment for breaks in between shifts or events.

Technical Information

Deliver meet results to officials, media, and the tribune throughout the meet. This role has a lot of movement and requires strong physical fitness.

Spectator Ushers

Help in getting spectators, coaches, and other guests to their seats with a positive attitude.


Spectator Info Desk

Help in areas such as venue greeting and info desks. All of these areas will involve interaction with fans and providing them with information. Help create the best environment for the spectators to enjoy the event and cheer on the athletes of the world!

Coach's Hospitality

Provide hospitality to coaches, team personnel, workforce and VIP members each day of competition. This team will also maintain the space, beverage supply, and provide general event information for every individual!